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More money using viralets - free viral passive advertising method
to boost your biz

More money? Of course you want that.
Then read the article below + get your very own viralets
to boost your business to the sky.
BTW: you will get your viralets for completly free :-)

The idea of network marketing - applied to your free passive advertising
method called viralets to boost your business to the sky. Plus: highly viral
text ad exchange - incredible: 15 (!) levels deep free. Plus some million
REAL guaranteed visitors free.

The idea of network marketing applied to free passive advertising to boost
your biz to the sky.

Utilize one of the best passive advertising methods out there for free. This
thingy with a twist is called "viralets". Get excited, cause it can boost
your business to the sky - for free. One of the ideas of network marketing
is to build relationships. Another idea is: people help people. Now you can
utilize both of these ideas to boost your business to the sky.

Best part 1: you can do this for free :-) - How? Simply you will use one of
the best passive advertising methods out there. This is word of mouth
advertising using the so called viralets.

Best part 2: you can own more than one viralets. In fact, you can have so
many viralets as YOU want - remember for free.

Result: you will have a HUGE army of helpers all over the world who do YOUR
promoting and YOUR marketing for completly free.

And that IS a solution you are keen on, right?

Discover these amazing + aweful highly viral traffic tools 4 free to boost
your biz :-)
Well, you are welcome and at the right place, if you are in network
marketing. Or if you want to get into network marketing as a newbie.

Both of you will get here some good information on network marketing.

Plus - important to you - you will get
gr8 gr8 advertising tools like
your very own viralets for completly free.

You can profit from this lens to the utmost extent,
IF IF IF you keep on reading and
IF IF IF you will get your first very own
viralets + so much more.......

What will the "most viral" viralets (pun intended)
do for your + your business?

In other words, you may ask yourself:
"Whats in it for ME?"

Think about them like this:

your viralets will definitly help you to do
what you urgently want:

you want to boost your business to the sky, right?

OK - and your new FREE very own viralets
will exactly do just that:

====> they will boost your business to the sky.

In short:

your viralets will tremendously help you

to get more traffic "the viral way",
to get more subscribers to your list,
to get more success AND
to make more money on the net with your business.

Sounds good? You bet :-)

Viralets work similar to the so called MLA`s
= multi level advertisers.

These MLA`s also provide YOU with a

====> huge private army of helpers

who do your promoting + your marketing
all over the net for free.

You are not too familiar with the concepts of MLA`s?
Have a look at this one.

Its one of the most visited sites on the net called
free viral - oops the magic word again: viral :-)

If you haven`t got your own free viral, get it now:

Click here to get yours free now :-)

More on free viral later on, below.

Now back to viralets. Your viralets will also provide YOU with a

====> huge private army of helpers

who do your promoting + your marketing
all over the net for free.

This is similar to the MLA`s, and of course a huge benefit to your business.

But the viralets have a - lets say - "little twist", and that is the

====> before - after section.

Oops - whats this - the before - after section?

Well, this little secret is not revealed here + now.

You`ll have to experience it in order to

====> highly appreciate it.

And IF you have got the idea, the picture
of this system called viralets,
then you will never ever "exist" on the net

====> without having not one, but
====> LOTS of viralets of your own.


Well, viralets that means for you + your business:
passive word of mouth advertising at its BEST :-)

In other words:

many, many, many people around the world
will do

YOUR marketing and
YOUR advertising and
YOUR promoting -

for you
for completly free :-)

Sounds good? You bet :-)

That is, so to speak,

"network marketing on the advertising level"

So, if you have your first experiences
with your very own viralets -
then you can not understand,
how you ever could lived
without these fantastic most viral sites.

Get excited, cause you`ll get
your first viralets just in a second.

You can thank me later :-)

Click here to get your first viralets free now :-)

Remember to come back to this site,
as we are not finished here yet.


Lets take another look at free viral
and how to useit to benefit you the most.

Of course, you - as a professionell marketer -
will not promote a single site like free viral.

You know: promoting single sites - that is the attitude of amateurs.

So what will you do with your free viral site then?

You will want to embed it in another
wonder working system - called traffic barrons.

Traffic barrons is a gr8 (GREAT)
free downline builder that even
===> pays you when using it :-)

Your traffic barrons comes with
much too much benefits
to tell you here in full detail.

I would be forced to write
an entire novel here
about your traffic barrons.

Thus I will mention only a few of the benefits.

Traffic barrons comes for instance with more
free passive advertising methods like
Thank You Ads - created by Leon Klepfish.

It comes with big booster,
created by Frederick Mann.

This is not only one of the very best
free listbuilder out there,
but especially big booster is
a mighty power promoter
for your business as well.

You have to see it - to believe it.

And because Frederick Mann is an
"over-delivering" man big booster
comes with a an entire library
of "valuable must read stuff"
concerning your success on the net.

I will only mention here
the millionaire's reports as one exemple.

PLUS big booster comes with the fabulous
weekly wealth booster magazine + soo much more.

What else has traffic barrons to offer?

Well, of course a spot to embed your free viral.

Another spot to embed viral million,
also a very good multi level advertiser
and so on - and so on -

Did I mention that traffic barrons
offers another fine (this IS an understatement) possibility to you?

You are allowed to embed 10 (TEN) sites
of your choice into it:

your business, a free advertising resource,
another MLA, your viralets - whatever you want!

This way you will definitly kill several flies
with only one stone, so to speak.

Enough said about traffic barrons.
Its time to get your very own for free now.

Click here to get your traffic barrons free now :-)


Lets speak about you.
Lets speak about you as a business owner, ok?

You will get now:
your very own fantastic "biz servant" for free.

And as a biz OWNER you could urgently
need a very helpful biz SERVANT, right?

A servant that will do your promoting.
A servant that will spread like wildfire
- remember: viral marketing.

A servant that will also cause that YOU
will get a huge private army of helpers
all over the world.

And these helpers will do your promoting
for you + your business for free as well.

Sounds good? - You bet!

A servant that will work for you
24 hours a day,
seven days a week,
365 days a year.
Each + every year.

With one and only one goal in mind:
making YOUR BUSINESS a hit :-)

Click here to get your very own biz servant free now :-)

So, thats for now.

My strong desire is that this site
and the free tools offered here to you
will help you to get what you want:
even more success on the net.


Awesome + free: text ad exchange - 15 (!) levels deep. Plus: some million
REAL guaranted visitors FREE :-)
===> Advertisements free
Get some ===> MILLION Ads for free :-)

Welcome to MLM Ads
Free 2:1 Multi Level Text Ad Exchange -
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Important Features:

2:1 Exchange Ratio
15 Level Deep Downline
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Two popular sizes of Ad Campaign available -
468x60 and 180x170.

Over 200 Characters per AD allowed.
You don't lose your visitor as all clicks open
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All visitors you send us using your referral link
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even if they sign up anytime within the next 90 days.

Get 500 Credits Free just for signing up.
Its 100% FREE!

MLMADS is a Text Ads Exchange.

The concept is similar to the usual banner exchange.

But the big difference is you dont exchange image banners.

Instead you exchange actual Text Ads.

Research and practical experience shows
that a text ad hyperlink is clicked more
than a conventional image banner ad.

Also text loads much much faster than an image.

Simply put, text ads have a higher click thru ratio
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A win-win situation.

Earn Free Credits FAST using our 2:1 Exchange
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For EVERY member on ALL levels in your downline
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And your downline is 15 Levels Deep!

====> This is the Deepest

so far in the world of Text Ad/Banner Exchanges!!!

Look at the chart below.

If you refer just 3 persons and each one does
the same, you will have 7 Million+ persons
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Now, if each member displays a very small figure
of 100 Ads per month, it would amount to

====> 7 Million x 100 Credits = 700 Million Credits.

You get

===>>> 2% of it which is 14 Million Free Credits

each and every month.

This is the ideal situation if you can derive
the maximum potential out of this multi level program.

Realistically, if you can achieve even 1% of it,
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Just imagine the potential!
Get your own mlm ads for free-
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Have a closer look at this chart:

Level #: Sign Ups:
Level 01 1 (You)
Level 02 3
Level 03 9
Level 04 27
Level 05 81
Level 06 243
Level 07 729
Level 08 2,187
Level 09 6,561
Level 10 19,683
Level 11 59,049
Level 12 177,147
Level 13 531,441
Level 14 1,594,323
Level 15 4,782,969
Grand Total: 7,174,456 (7 Million+)

Click the following link:

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===> Advertising IQ = free

Advertising IQ = the All-in-1-Exchange

Text Ads, Start Page Ads, Free Counter,
Referral Bonuses.

Quality Features:
Free Targeting, Extensive Statistics,
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Free Bonus:

Register for your advertising account today
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I highly recommend the Text Ads to you -
use them they are really good :-)

To be continued - to YOUR advantage :-)

Want some million REAL guaranteed visitors? Free?
Then do use "program hoppers, a highly viral
multi level advertiser :-)

===> Advertising - some additional tips here for you.

10 Hot Advertising Tips To Help You Succeed
written down by David Harrington
- he is the owner of program hoppers =
a very good MLA = multi level advertiser for free,

Click here to get your program hoppers now for free! :-)

If you are not too familiar, grin, with MLA`s -
then you can request a free mla-tutorial
with further explanations

====> in the PS section of this post

Its yours to keep and its free, of course,
and you can even use it as a free
give away to others = gr8 exposure for you for free!!

Thus make sure that you will get this
fine tutorial, too, ok?

Also make sure that you will get ALL
of the MLA`s, you will be more than glad you did :-)

=========> Here are Ten Hot Tips

you can use in your own promotions
to increase sales, exposure, and team memberships.

This information is "GENERAL" and will work
for any business you are currently involved with
so be sure to apply it to your personal favorites.

Any of these tips can be researched within
our Premier Listings area
of your Program Hoppers account.

Tip #01 ::: Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are a great way to get the ball
rolling in your favor.

These systems allow you to place your own
web link, referral link, and home page URLs
in a community of like-minded individuals.

Some of these systems offer F-R-E-E or PAID
options to help you expose your offers in a general
or extremely targeted directory type format.

And, by viewing offers of others in that community,
(by clicking and viewing other ads between 5 and 20
seconds), you can generate your own immediate
advertising and traffic to your personal
Program Hoppers page.

(Be careful when using automated, hit generating
programs. Your results could be far less
because these types of systems can run
while people sleep or go to work
which means no one is really viewing your offer.)

See our Premier Listings area today for suggestions
from our members.

Tip #02 ::: Safe-Lists, eZines, and Opt-in Lists

As with any advertising, you need a solid group
of readers who will take part in your offers
from a safe, targeted community.

Taking this one step will create and continue to develop
your reader-base when you post items
that others enjoy reading about or taking part in.

And, for every future post you submit,
you can generate a greater response
to your own offers over and over.

Posting in this media is not just about placing
an advertisement, it's about helping your community
get further with the idea that your own Program
Hoppers system will show your prospects
how to replicate your own actions.

Be sure to provide "How To" type listings
to show the benefit of this system.

You can take parts from the FAQ section
of our site and develop your
own advertisements in many ways.

Test all of your ad copy multiple times
and in many variations to develop the best
Return On Your Investment (ROI)
of both time and money.

It REALLY does pay off.

See our Premier Listings area today for suggestions
from our members.

Tip #03 ::: Get Viral and Refer A Friend (Leverage)

Have you ever suggest a good movie
or restaurant to a friend?

If the suggestion went well, it's more than likely
that this friend too would suggest the very same
to their friends.

This is called "Viral Advertising" and
it works best when others are NOT
forced to make the suggestion.

While many businesses and corporations
understand this concept, this type of promotion
is used every day in major ad campaigns.

By leveraging your advertising through resources
that have multiple-tier posting values
or a 'refer a friend' type system
you not only save time in your daily advertising,
you also create a viral result from other's
actions to infinite possibilities.

As a hint, within your own Program Hoppers
web site is an option for you to connect
with just a few of your closest contacts.

While providing an invitation to join your own
community, you can also teach these individuals
to take the same steps to multiply your own efforts
to use less effort of your own.

As an example, if you invite just five people,
and they invite just five, you will have soon contacted
25 individuals for the one message of your own.

Then take a break and try again.
Contact just five more and repeat this process
every week or every day.

The results will soon follow.

See our Get Viral area today to begin.

Tip #04 ::: Create A Web Page

While this option may be a bit scary for some,
it's not too difficult to create your own personal
web page with anything you feel would be
important to your visitors/readers.

You could build your team even faster
if you use this method, with a few other methods
together, to multiply your results yet again.

If your budget is tight, look to a F-R-E-E membership
at a few different hosting providers.

Many will provide you with a web page
and hosting with limits.

Once you get started, you can then make
the decision to upgrade your options and
build your site larger and with more opportunities.

Creating a "directory" of your favorites
helps to up-sell and cross promote
in one convenient location.

As a hint, Program Hoppers follows this same
idea with our Premier Listings service.

With 32 categories of targeted advertising,
you and your team members can search
through the postings of all Premier members
and join in their offers.

See our Premier Listings area today for suggestions
from our members.

Tip #05 :::

Your Signature; It's Worth Your Weight In Gold!

By simply adding a tagline to your signature,
you're placing your name and stamp of approval
on your favorite offers.

Include your Program Hoppers referral link
below your name on all outbound emails
to your personal contacts (no spam)
and watch what happens.

Fact: Some of our top referrers in Program
Hoppers use this method.

I have read these member's emails and notice
their own referral links alone or with up to two
other offers as well.

For this, they have achieved the top status
in our system and have earned
the most income to date.

It works. Try it out!
To be continued - to YOUR advantage :-)
Tip #06 ::: Pick Up The Phone

Don't let this one scare you.

In casual conversation with friends, family,
and business partners, you can mention
the benefits of Program Hoppers and
build your businesses together
by doing something you may already be good at.

"Talking." --

Never force it. Just mention it. If it's not for them,
move on.

There are PLENTY of people in this world
that will find this system to be a benefit
to them, just as you have.

What's most important is... try not to think
of this tip as a prospecting venture.
Think of it as a casual comment like:

"By the way, did you hear about Program Hoppers?
I already have xxx people

====> advertising with me and for me.

I think you should check this out..."

Keep It Simple. Trust me. Keep... It... Simple.

You will never know who that person knows,
and who that person knows, etc..

Tip #07 ::: Place A Banner Ad

While some may say that banners are dead,
other groups of individuals, myself included,
feel they are making a return.

And, using this method does work.
You will need a high rate of traffic and an
appealing banner to make it work.

Not sure how to create a banner?

Within your Program Hoppers account,
(just check in the "Referral Links" area),
you will find some banners ready to go.

Simply follow the instructions to save the banner
to your computer and you will have a copy
to submit to your favorite advertising
resources on the Internet.

Don't forget to include your referral link
with the special code we have provided.

You will want to be sure to receive credit
for your efforts!

See our Premier Listings area today for suggestions
from our members on great advertising resources
you can use right now.

Tip #08 ::: Forum Participation

Using Tip #05 with Tip #08 can also help
accelerate your advertising.

Place your Program Hoppers referral link
tagline below your signature for all postings
in forums that will allow this method.

You can get a good idea by viewing posts
from other forum members before making your own.

This method will be sure to increase your
exposure with ease.
Just be sure the length of your tagline is small.

A good idea would be to send people to your own
web page and allow them
to view all your offers at once.

This method will equal
Leverage + Viral Marketing + Traffic + Branding

Our own forum has been established to help you
with questions, how to type articles, and to meet
with other members of our community.

Once you begin talking, the rest will soon follow
for partnerships and ideas to help you get
the most from what you are really interested in.

Visit our Member Forum today for suggestions,
ideas and discussion with our members.

Tip #09 ::: Develop Your Own Strategy

Developing your strategy, by applying all of
the above mentioned, will assist you with
a visual plan of attack.

And, while I have my own methods of advertising,
you may have a better idea.

Write those ideas down and use them on a frequent
basis. You may be surprised at the results.

within your Program Hoppers account is
an article and additional tips you can take
to combine all of these tips
into one easy to follow advertising system.

Personal wants and desires, such as
"How to Make Money" can put you on the road
to success in the writing field.

There are five main emotional appeals
for selling this kind of idea.

Login and read all about them.
I'm sure you will agree they just make sense.

Tip #10 ::: Use All Tools To Your Advantage

Using all the tools within your account,
including the viral recommendation service,
the front page to list your advertisement
to a directory of additional opportunities
(i.e. website), the Link Hopper and Premier
Listings areas for unlimited posts,
can be included with our ID rotation service
for increased exposure.

We're giving away all of our own traffic to those

(This could mean additional enrollments in your team,
with less work for you.)

For great software tools and ideas you can use
to help strengthen your advertising with ease,
visit the resources area of your personal account today.
Get your own viral program hoppers site now free at

Get yours for free clicking the following link:

Click here to get your program hoppers now for free! :-)

"My goal is simple - helping YOU achieve YOURS!"

Best wishes for now.

Nothing succeeds like success.

To YOUR success :-)

Norbert Sczepanski


Business NLP Master
Former Medical Director
Former MOC Marketing Director

Teamleader FM
Entrepreneur on the net since Sept, 2000

Author of two marketing lexicons
one in German, the other in English.


PS 1:

Although traffic barrons is a very rich
featured downline building system,
it can not include all the goodies
of the world, smile.

So, for instance, Mike Filsaime`s
free advertising blog is not included there.

Cause Mike`s free advertising blog
is just another wonderful free
advertising resource for your business,
you can get it here + now with 1 click.

Click here to get Mike`s gr8 advertising resource free now :-)

PS 2:

"Leaders are readers"
So forward this post to some of your
friends, business partners, downliners......
just right now.

They will be grateful to YOU :-)

And if you want to do so:
of course, you can link this lens
to your website or to your blog, too.
Or perhaps to YOUR lens? - smile

PS 3:

Just in case that you are not
too familiar with these cool
viral traffic generating gems
called multi level advertisers:

you can get a short tutorial
on that topic. For free, of course.

Yes, give me the free turorial just right now!

Simply send a blank email
and you will be "in the know"

There are two MOST important reports out there

- the ulimative safelist guide and
- the 13 deadly mistakes report

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On the contrary:

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